Ask PM | 如何将旧皮鞋护理的焕然一新?

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A man's shoes say a lot about him, however it isn't the value of the shoes that matters but how he takes care of them. Taking proper care of your shoes can not only extend their life but make them look better over time.

01 准备工具。

For a shoe shine, you need a piece of cloth, a bowl of warm water (some people use whisky), a toothbrush, a fine horsehair brush, shoe cream, shoe wax, and of course, your shoes.

02 清洁你的皮鞋。

Brush dust and dirt away with horse hair and tooth brush.

Use the tooth brush to clean up the sole edge and welt of your shoe. Stroke in one direction, from the heel up to the toe, to clean out dust and dirt.

You can also apply a little bit of wax or cream in the welt of your shoe for water resistance.

If your shoes has got waxed before, you need to brush the extra wax off.

Optional for really dirty shoes: Wrap a piece of cloth around your fingers as tight as possible to avoid creases and apply a dab of leather balm on your cloth and start massaging it on your shoe. This will help clean your shoes and moisturize them. Let the cream dry at least 15 minutes then brush again using the horse hair brush.

Creme Universelle 万能皮革保养乳▽

03 打开鞋乳,蘸取适量。

Cream will help moisten your shoe leather, helping it look new and last longer. Dab your cloth into the cream using just a small amount at a time.

You should test the color of the shoe cream out on your shoe first to see if they match. It's best to test it out on the inner back heel of the shoe. Rub a little on and wait a few seconds to see if it is the right color. If you find the color matches, then you can start applying cream over the whole shoe with a soft massaging circular motion.

After applying cream let it dry for at least 10 minutes before brushing again with horse hair brush. You are finished if you just want to clean and care for the leather.


If you want to do a mirror shine, please continue to follow these steps below:

04 打蜡。

Dab or rub your cloth in some wax. Start rubbing it gently on the toe of your shoe. Use the amount of pressure you would use to rub lotion on your face, perhaps even lighter.

05 镜面抛光。

Dub some water use your finger. Drop it on the toe and rub it with the wax

Same way on the back of the shoe.

Repeat the above steps spending a few minutes on the toe, then the heel, then back to the toe and so on. But please note - only wax the toe and heel and avoid applying wax where the top of the shoe bends when you walk. Applying wax on the area of the shoe that creases will cause unsightly cracking of the wax and may damage the shoe.

If it is your first mirror shine, it may take up to 30 minutes to get a mirror shine on the toe and heel. Remember the mirror shine is repetitive work and takes some patience, but the end result is worth it. But the second time you do a mirror shine, it is going to be a lot easier.